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Earth Federation is all Nations united as ONE Nation under law. It is a democratic Planetary government! The opposite of Earth Federation is “totally sovereign" Nations that believe they are “above” all common or universal laws. (See following Chart). CHART ONE The Two Types of Government UNIVERSAL (UNIFIED) GOVERNMENT EARTH FEDERATION (All Nations are United as ONE Nation Under Law) ANTI-UNIVERSAL GOVERNMENT 192 "SOVEREIGN” NATIONS (All Nations are Divided and “Above” Universal Law) 1. Creates and enforces worldwide environmental law; saves our Planet! 2. Settles disputes between nations in a non-violent, impartial, judicial way! 3. Provides protection to ALL nations from bigger or stronger nations! 4. No "need" for many massive national militaries! 5. Saves trillions of dollars in military expense, enriching everyone and saving the ecology of our Planet! 6. No "need" for nuclear bombs for “national defense”! 7. No “need” for secret government agencies for “National defense”! 8. Bill-or-rights for ALL people, including ALL women and poor people! 9. Stops the oppression and abuse of billions of people in dictatorial countries! 10. Allows ALL Earth citizens to participate in a Planetary government that determines their own destiny and the destiny of the Planet! 11. Private space travel and exploration is encouraged under common world rules in a cooperative, open way! 1. Cannot create or enforce worldwide environment law; kills our Planet! 2. Settles disputes with wars, slaughter, sabotage, bribery, brutality! 3. Allows bigger Nations to control, rape and victimize smaller or weaker ones! 4. Continues the "need" for many massive militaries! 5. Wastes trillions of dollars militarily, making everyone poor and killing the ecology of our Planet! 6. Continues the "need" for nuclear bombs! 7. Continues the “need” for secret government agencies for “National defense”! 8. Human rights for only the “best” people − in the “best” countries! 9. Enables oppression and abuse of billions of people in dictatorial countries! 10. Prevents ALL Earth citizens from participating in a Planetary democracy that determines their own destiny and the destiny of the Planet! 11. Private space travel and exploration is outlawed for “National security” − space is a “field of battle” and “top secret”! II. Why We Need Earth Federation NOW! The ONE cause of world catastrophe is countries irresponsible to each other and the Planet! “Sovereign” countries can freely destroy each other and the Planet without limit or law! Nowadays countries can freely destroy the oceans, forests, atmosphere, ozone layer, and ecology of the Planet without rule or restraint! If they chose, they can wipe out all life on the Planet with a nuclear war. We need a Planetary democratic government that is higher than separate nations to enforce world laws that can save our Planet! The following important information explains why we desperately need an Earth Federation government NOW! Only Earth Federation Can Free Us From Deadly Fossil Fuels! Most ecologists agree we must STOP using all fossil fuels NOW (or in 6 - 8 years) to save our Planet! The prime concern is global warming, but other concerns are: 1) acidification of oceans 2) decreasing phytoplankton in oceans 3) acid-rain 4) heavy-metal poisoning 5) destruction of the ozone layer with nitrous oxide gas. Global warming will soon kill ALL higher life on our Planet! It is caused by burning fossil fuels, which produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (such as nitrous oxide gas, which is 291X more potent than CO2). We have already produced catastrophic Earth changes, such as a 40% loss of phytoplankton in the oceans in only 60 years! (Phytoplankton is the largest biomass on Earth and the primary absorber of CO2.) The greatest danger of all, however, has only recently happened! It will produce a “massive” and “unstoppable” rise-in-temperature in the next 10 – 20 years! It is the melting permafrost in half of Russia, Alaska and Canada, which is now releasing massive amounts of methane into the air! Methane is 20 times more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, and there is an estimated 80 billion tons of it stored in permafrost, equal to ALL CO2 produced by humankind in the 20th century (see YouTube videos below): (1) Russian Permafrost Melt (2) Arctic Lake Methane Ignited (3) Arctic Permafrost Leaking Methane at Record Levels (4) Burping Lakes‏ (5) Permafrost Melt Soon Irreversible Without Perhaps more dangerous is the Arctic Ocean is now releasing massive amounts of methane into the air from melted undersea permafrost! Even a 1% release of seabed methane would put hundreds of billions of tons of methane into the air (much more than melted land permafrost)! The Arctic Ocean has already warmed by 3 degrees (see videos and news articles below). (1) Lord Ivan Canas: The methane time bomb (2) Huge Methane Leak in Arctic Detected (3) Methane releases from Arctic shelf may be much larger Only Earth Federation Can Act Quickly Enough! It is impossible for individual countries to STOP using fossil fuels in 6 - 8 years to save our Planet! How could they afford to do so? It would require changing all cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, ships, electric-power-plants, etc. How could individual countries afford or agree to do this in such a short amount of time (or even in 20 – 50 years)? Only a cooperative world-effort can produce this essential change! Only Earth Federation government, with enforceable world-laws and massive amounts of currency (based on the value of ALL Earth life) can produce this essential change! By worldwide deployment of alternative energy within 6 - 8 years, Earth Federation will rapidly STOP greenhouse gases! It will also plant billions of trees and stop the mass-destruction of existing forests! It will also outlaw ALL use of artificial chemical fertilizers that are adding millions-of-tons of nitrous oxide gas to our Planet each year. Global warming cannot be stopped in a partial or piecemeal way! It must be stopped wholly, completely and immediately! To repeat, massive measures are NOW needed to prevent further warming of permafrost and oceans! Only massive mobilization of ALL countries under Earth Federation can achieve what is needed, namely: 1) Discontinue ALL fossil fuels worldwide within 6 or 8 years 2) Protect ALL remaining forests worldwide and plant billions of trees 3) Stop ALL chemical fertilizers worldwide, which are major producers of greenhouse gas and are poisoning our oceans to death 4) Recycle ALL manure on animal-factory-farms (back into the ground) to STOP huge methane and nitrous oxide gas releases 5) Rapid worldwide education of ALL humanity about conservation measures necessary to stop global warming 6) Regulations worldwide on use of paper and wood products, required recycling, and use of renewable-annual-plants to supply fiber products 7) Control worldwide on ALL methane and nitrogen releases from decomposing organic matter in garbage dumps, farm fields, swamps, sewage-treatment-plants, etc. 8) Dealing honestly with the “global dimming” problem, which is currently protecting us from much worse global warming, but cannot be sustained forever (see “global dimming” on the web) 9) Required recycling of metals and stopping most smelting and other metal-extracting pollution (there is already more than enough extracted metal available for all practical purposes on our Planet) 10) Mutual discontinuance of most military activity and armament industries (these “industries” are huge producers of greenhouse gases and other poisonous materials) 11) Employment of military people and arms-producing people in Earth-saving industries (such as alternative energy, recycling, planting billions of trees, cleaning-up and containing hazardous waste, monitoring pollution, and many other Planet-saving things) 12) Advanced technologies are available as soon as we have a safe and peaceful Planetary government! Gravity neutralizing technology, for example, and clean-cheap energy (virtually FREE) will become available! Planes will fly without jet engines (for pennies); cars, trucks and trains will move without combustion engines (for pennies), and so on. Cheap energy, to purify and transport water, will greatly improve the health and wealth of everyone on the Planet, and will turn our deserts into gardens and forests! Greenhouse gas extraction from the air, that requires lots of cheap energy, will become possible! CONCLUSION The NASA Climate Change website shows a 40% decrease of Arctic Ocean ice in only 30 years! Huge areas of opened and sun-warmed Arctic waters are now absorbing solar heat instead of reflecting it. This is why methane stored on the bottom of the ocean is now melting and bubbling to the surface! See videos: 1) Melting Arctic Sea Ice‏ 2) 2009 Sea Ice Update‏ 3) One Degree Warmer Earth Could Change The World Additionally, we are now exposed to 440+ nuclear-power-plants worldwide with millions of “spent” nuclear-fuel-rods “stored” in cooled pools of water. Hundreds of these nuclear-plants could meltdown from an electric-power-grid disruption due to a major solar flare: 1) Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2) The biggest Solar Storm in history 3) Michio Kaku: Massive solar flare A monster solar storm would shut down the electricity and circuitry of cooling ponds at hundreds nuclear reactors (see When Humans Disappear‏). The recent nuclear meltdown in Japan (from electric disruption) affected many of the 600,000 “spent” fuel-rods stored in seven cooling ponds: 1) see Fuel rod fire at Fukushima and 2) Fuel rods ejected 2 miles. Earth Federation will FREE us from deadly fossil fuels, nuclear-power-plants, and other unnecessary disasters that now doom our Planet! III. The Earth Federation Movement So, “how do we quickly produce an Earth Federated government”? Obviously, we need ONE unified effort and NOT many divided, disagreeing efforts. Everyone should support the ONE effort that already has tens-of-thousands of supporters worldwide, namely the Earth Federation Movement! The Earth Federation Movement seeks to ratify the Earth Constitution. The Earth Constitution The Earth Constitution is an incredible document! It was created over a period of 33 years with 4 World Constitutional Conventions. It involved thousands of Earth citizens from everywhere on the Planet – people such as constitutional experts, lawyers, and scholars of all types. It was debated, revised, corrected and improved by people from many different countries, religions, races, ideologies. The Earth Constitution is sponsored by the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and the Institute on World Problems (IOWP) Superiority-of-design Of the Earth Constitution The Earth Constitution provides THREE Houses of Parliament, instead of only two Houses as in most National Parliaments. This provides much more division-of-power, representation, and safety! ALL aspects of government are under direct control of these three Houses! Even the "Executive branch" has no power except under direct control of Parliament. Under the Earth Constitution, the “common people” are the rulers! The super-rich-power groups can no longer buy and control the government because there are TOO MANY representatives, TOO MANY divisions of power, and NO SINGLE powerful person to bribe, bully, blackmail or murder! Under the Earth Constitution, the destructive “industries” of our Planet, such as the banking and petrol-chemical “industries”, cannot buy all the political power they need to control, abuse and kill our Planet. Conclusion If the Earth Constitution is ratified soon, it will save and uplift ALL life on our Planet! If it is delayed more than 1 – 3 years, we will soon produce an over-heated, barren, lifeless and nuclear-contaminated world! Our present world system makes us vulnerable to nuclear destruction every day! We still have a chance to change our current world system, but we must do so NOW! * * * Support the Earth Constitution and Earth Federation Movement NOW at: * * *